Russians reeling from Ukrainian air strikes, SBU intercept indicates

27 July, 06:52 PM
A Ukrainian pilot( Illustrative photo) (Photo:Ukrainian air force)

A Ukrainian pilot( Illustrative photo) (Photo:Ukrainian air force)

Ukrainian air force pilots are skillful enough to often evade detection by Russian radars, one Russian soldier can be heard saying in an intercept published by Ukraine’s SBU security service on July 27.

“We’re sitting around, listening to the chatter; our anti-air guys say ‘get ready, incoming in 10-15 minutes, two jets,” the soldier said in a phone call with his parents.

“Next thing they say is that the strike has been carried out, and the (Ukrainian) planes have already left.”

The same conversation also suggests that Russian forces continue to use indiscriminate munitions, including white phosphorus and cluster bombs.

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“We’re f*cking pelting them with phosphorus, cluster (munitions); not a care in the world; everything melts there; at least it looks great at night,” the soldier continues.

The SBU continues to document Russian forces breaking wartime conventions and rules of engagement, with over 7,000 such cases having been filed already.

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