SBU reveals Russian invaders chatting about ‘hell’ in Chornobaivka

25 April, 02:30 PM
Tank of Russian occupiers on the street of Mariupol (Photo:REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko)

Tank of Russian occupiers on the street of Mariupol (Photo:REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko)

The SBU security service of Ukraine on April 24 released an intercept of a conversation between a Russian invader and his friend, in which he complains that Ukrainian defenders have staged a "real hell" for the Russians.

According to the SBU's Facebook post, the invader survived a Ukrainian attack near the village of Chornobaivka and is now in the village of Bilozirka of Kherson Oblast.

"That's totally f*cked up! Our guys are simply killed in packs, I've never seen so many corpses," the soldier tells his friend during the conversation.

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"We left Chornobaivka, it's a real hell there! So many of our guys have died there that you can't even imagine. We're f*cked here in a way that cannot be put into words."

The SBU noted that the invader's friend was so "brain-washed" by Russian propaganda that he could not believe it. According to the correspondence, he is already waiting for "captured" Kyiv by May 9, because it was said "on TV in the news."

"Who gives a f*ck about Kyiv? How do I get home? I’d like to at least survive here. When I saw how my friend was torn apart, I was vomiting for about half an hour. I've never felt so bad before," the invader said.

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