Soccer referee gives details about interrogations in Russian captivity

7 November 2022, 05:11 PM
Soccer referee Dmytro Kubryak (

Soccer referee Dmytro Kubryak (

Soccer referee Dmytro Kubryak, who was released from Russian captivity in September, shared the details of how the Russian conducted interrogations during an interview for the YouTube channel of the Ukrainian Association of Football posted on Nov. 7.

"These interrogations were held in such a way that people were brought in and one by one taken into an office, where a representative of the investigative committee was sitting,” he recalled.

“In general, the conversation was structured in such a way that ‘you are already guilty’. That is, you are guilty from the get-go. Above all, because you are Ukrainian. Well, they didn't (refer to us) as ‘Ukrainian’, but nationalists, Banderites, fascists. They consider all of us to be some kind of right-wing radical elements.”

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Kubryak also confessed that the conversation at the interrogation began with accusations. According to him, it was the Ukrainians who were accused of destroying Mariupol, which the Russians themselves shelled for a long period of time.

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