Steinmeier calls for ‘just peace’ in his Christmas speech

24 December 2022, 11:11 AM
Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Photo:Tobias Schwarz/Pool via REUTERS)

Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Photo:Tobias Schwarz/Pool via REUTERS)

Germans should support those who are under attack and oppose the seizure of territory by an aggressor, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in his national Christmas address, German news agency DW reported on Dec. 24.

"Until peace comes, we have to support those suffering from attacks, threats and oppression,” Steinmeier told Germans.

“Russia's brutal assault on Ukraine, which has returned war to Europe and brough terrible suffering to Ukrainians, as well as fears of an escalation of hostilities, threatens many people in our country,” he said.

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“Our most fervent wish is most certainly that peace reigns again.”

“(But) it must be a just peace that neither rewards the land grab nor abandons the people of Ukraine to the arbitrary actions and violence of their occupiers,” the German president went on, adding that such a peace was “not yet within reach.”

He said that Ukraine was defending itself with great courage, and Europe was united again.

"We have not panicked, nor have we allowed ourselves to be divided,” Steinmeier said.

“Our democratic state eases the heavy burden (for its citizens and companies - ed.), and many companies are working to overcome the crisis with renewed vigor," he said.

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