Swedish port workers union to blockade Russian ships

18 March 2022, 04:54 PM

The union of Sweden’s port workers has announced a total blockade of all Russia-affiliated ships, Swedish news outlet SVT reported on March 17.

According to Ukrainian media outlet Ekonomichna Pravda, two weeks ago the union sent a letter to Sweden’s Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth, urging the government to stop servicing Russian and Russian-affiliated ships in the country’s ports.

The letter also outlined the workers’ intention to effectively institute the blockade themselves, should Sweden’s government refuse to act.

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On March 17, the union decided to follow through on its pledge.

“We’ve informed employers and intermediaries that a blockade (of Russian ships) will be instituted,” said Erik Helgeson, deputy head of the union.

The blockade is scheduled to come into effect on March 28, or even earlier than that, should circumstances demand it, according to Helgeson.

The blockade will cover Russian ships, ships sailing to or from Russia, and those transporting Russian cargo. Affected vessels will be denied loading/unloading, towage, and docking in Sweden’s ports.

“We’re doing this to support our Ukrainian colleagues and the country’s civilian population,” Helgeson added.

“This is something that we are in a position to do.”

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