Ukraine’s Defense Minister hints at ‘breakthrough’ regarding Leopard tanks

21 January, 01:43 AM
Reznikov said that the countries achieved

Reznikov said that the countries achieved "an optimistic breakthrough with Leopard tanks (Photo:TT_TTINFO/Twitter)

During the latest Ramstein meeting, a “positive breakthrough” was achieved in the matter of Ukraine’s allies supplying Kyiv with German-made Leopard-2 tanks, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said in a comment to Ukrainian news outlet Liga on Jan. 20.

Defense ministers of Ukraine’s international partners gathered at the U.S. Air Force Ramstein base in Germany on Jan. 20, discussing the ongoing and future efforts to equip Kyiv’s troops with modern weapons.

Reznikov added that some countries announced their aid packages “behind closed doors,” suggesting they were not publicly announced.

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“Some countries also outlined their (military) aid packages today, but it was done behind closed doors, so not everything can be said today,” said Reznikov.

“The only thing I can say is that it gives me additional reasons for optimism, because we are talking about a major boost to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, security, and defense sector.”

Regarding the Leopard-2 tanks, the minister said that countries have achieved “a positive breakthrough.” He explained that today's meeting participants agreed that countries with Leopard-2s in service could begin training Ukrainian tank crews.

Reznikov also had a “frank discussion” with his German counterpart, Boris Pistorius, which explicitly included the subject of tank transfers.

“Congratulated German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius of the appointment to his new position,” he said in a Twitter post.

“We had a frank discussion in Leopards-2. To be continued. I also thanked the German government and the German people for their military assistance to Ukraine and hospitality at Ramstein.”

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