Ukraine’s security service detains Russian FSB collaborator

21 December 2021, 11:33 AM

Ukraine’s SBU security service has detained a Ukrainian woman who was allegedly cooperating with Russian proxy forces in the Donbas on the orders of Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB.

The woman was charged on Dec. 21 with planning a number of terrorist attacks in Donetsk Oblast. The suspected Russian asset now faces eight years in prison, the SBU press service reported in a statement.

The suspect has been charged with aiding or participating in a terrorist organization and transporting, storing and purchasing an explosive device.

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The SBU alleges that at the FSB’s behest, the woman hid explosives in specially designed hideouts and collected intelligence on Ukrainian troops. The information would later be used by Russian proxy forces when they planned their attacks on Ukrainian military positions in eastern Ukraine, the SBU said.

The woman was caught red-handed while she was trying to move explosives, hidden in flour sacks, to a new hideout, according to the SBU.

Russia’s covert war on Ukraine began in early 2014 with Moscow’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.

Russian forces, utilizing proxies and regular army formations, later staged uprisings in several Ukrainian cities, with parts of Ukraine’s eastern coal-mining region, known as the Donbas, falling out of the control of the government in Kyiv since April 2014.

Russia denies its forces are deployed in mainland Ukraine, but there is overwhelming evidence that these denials are false.

Over 15,000 people have perished in the war so far.

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