Ukrainian army destroys two ammunition depots and 70 invaders in south of Ukraine

15 June, 03:47 PM
Armed Forces of Ukraine (

Armed Forces of Ukraine (

The Ukrainian military destroyed 70 invaders, as well as 60 units of enemy equipment on the southern front lines of defense, reports the South Operational Command reported on June 14.

“The invading troops made two attempts to launch an airstrike,” the command said. “In the morning, an enemy helicopter was shot down by one of our units with a portable anti-aircraft missile system, and in the afternoon another enemy Mi-8 helicopter attacked a river crossing, trying to suppress our units.

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“In response, our air forces dealt three blows to the concentration of troops and military equipment of the Russians in the Kherson oblast.

“Our forces also carried out rocket attacks on fuel depots and the area where enemy equipment was concentrated, and two enemy command and observation posts were suppressed,” says the command’s statement.

Specifically in the south of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine on June 14 destroyed:

  • 1 helicopter;
  • 1 Pion self-propelled gun;
  • 1 Grad Multiple launch rocket system;
  • 3 howitzers (152 mm);19 armored personnel carriers;
  • 33 motor vehicles;
  • 4 pieces of engineering equipment.

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