Triptych mural unveiled in Kenya’s Nairobi to promote Ukraine

18 March, 12:32 AM
A mural dedicated to Ukraine appeared in Nairobi (Photo:@Port Agency)

A mural dedicated to Ukraine appeared in Nairobi (Photo:@Port Agency)

A triptych (three-fold panel – ed.) mural about Ukraine created by street artists from Kenya and Ukraine was unveiled in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi on March 16.

The mural, called ‘Grains of Culture,’ was unveiled as part of the ‘The Wall’ project, a series of iconic murals that appeared in Vienna, Berlin, Marseille, and Brussels.

Painters included Kenyan artists Moha and Eliamin Ink and Ukrainian artists Alina Konyk, Andriy Kovtun, and Nikita Kravtsov.

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The painters hope to explain to the people of Africa what Ukraine means for Africa: that it is from Ukraine that birds fly to Africa, that Ukraine is currently throwing off the shackles of slavery and waging war with a colonial state, and that it is Ukraine that supplies grain to African countries.

Ukraine’s Tvorchi, who will represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest in May with the song ‘Heart of Steel,’ performed at the mural presentation.

Member of the band Jimoh Augustus Kehinde is originally from Nigeria. He graduated from Ternopil National Medical University and chose to stay in Ukraine.

“The Wall is a symbol of resistance, stability, and protection that fences off Europe from war,” said Kate Taylor, founder of and curator of the project.

“At the same time, the name is associated with the cult album of Pink Floyd, a rock opera that tells the story of a hero who is separated from the rest of the world by a wall behind which he fights his inner demons. Ukraine is dealing with an external demon. But the metaphor allows to start a dialogue about the world’s attitude towards Ukraine as ‘us vs them.’ We want to rethink and look at the mental and historical wall that still separates us. And which must be eliminated so that we feel like a united community.”

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