Ukrainian special forces carry out successful special operation in Melitopol May 23, says mayor

24 May, 12:45 PM
The mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov (

The mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov (

Ukrainian special services, regular troops and guerrillas carried out a successful special operation in the town of Melitopol on May 23, the town's mayor Ivan Fedorov told on Ukrainian television.

"This special operation concerns the paralysis of the supply of firearms and ammunition by the invaders to the town of Melitopol and to all the occupied territories," the mayor said.

"I think that later the Ukrainian special services will reveal the details of this special operation and report on the losses suffered by the enemy. The special operation was carried out really successfully today, it has already produced results."

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According to Fedorov, this is the fourth joint operations of special services and Ukrainian guerrillas based in the occupied territories in the last week.

"Of course, the tensions between collaborators and the Russian invaders are growing," he said.

Several blasts and shots were heard in Melitopol on May 23.

Local media reported that the Ukrainian resistance movement had once again damaged railway tracks used to deliver supplies to the Russian occupation army.

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