US and allies consider expelling Russia from the G20

23 March 2022, 07:47 PM

The United States and allies are considering ejecting Russia from the G20 grouping of the world's largest economies, although there is no set procedure for depriving Russia of G20 membership, news agency Reuters reports.

The United States plans to consult with its allies before any other announcements about Russia’s possible expulsion from G20 are made, Reuters writes with reference to its sources.

The G20 is now chaired by Indonesia and as reported, “it has been made very clear to Indonesia that Russia's presence at forthcoming ministerial meetings would be highly problematic for European countries.” Some countries are likely to skip G20 meetings if Russia attends.

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It is also likely that any attempt to completely exclude Russia would be vetoed by other members of the G20, in particular China, India, and Saudi Arabia.

A representative of one of the G20 member countries in Asia said that there is simply no procedure for depriving Russia of G20 membership, and thus Russia cannot be removed from the G20 unless Moscow makes such a decision on its own.

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