US could transfer modified Gray Eagle drones to Ukraine

15 November 2022, 01:24 AM
MQ-1C Grey Eagle (Photo:US Army via Wikipedia)

MQ-1C Grey Eagle (Photo:US Army via Wikipedia)

U.S. defense contractors are exploring ways of stripping Gray Eagle combat UAVs of their most sensitive components, which would make them available to Ukraine, CNN reported on Nov. 14.

Ukraine has been asking the United States for Gray Eagle MQ-1C multi-purpose UAVs, for some time now. Each drone can carry four Hellfire missiles, flying at an altitude of more than 8,000 meters, for nearly 30 hours.

Washington repeatedly refused the request, explaining that the drone contains advanced radio and intelligence equipment, which could pose a threat to U.S. security, should it ever get into Russian hands.

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Now, CNN sources say, the Pentagon is considering ways to remove the most sensitive technological components so that the transfer of Gray Eagles doesn’t come with additional risks.

“There are specific and very technical tweaks and neutering that can be done to these (drones) that may make it possible (to supply Ukraine with them) in the nearer term,” the source said.

“But these things take time and are fairly complex.”

Discussions about the transfer of the Gray Eagle are ongoing, and neither the Ukrainian nor the U.S. side rule out any options.

Earlier it was reported that the United States will manufacture Switchblade-600 attack drones for Ukraine.

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