US hopes increased military aid will help Ukraine counterattack before Russian offensive

10 January, 11:19 PM
M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle (Photo:via Wilkipedia)

M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle (Photo:via Wilkipedia)

With Bradley IFVs and more artillery pieces, the United States is stepping up its security assistance to Ukraine, hoping that Kyiv can liberate its territories before Russian forces regroup for another major offensive, CNN reported on Jan. 10, citing senior U.S. defense officials.

According to CNN’s sources, there are “substantive” changes in the type of military assistance the United States and its allies are sending to Ukraine in response to Kyiv’s requests. The latest aid package contains an increase in offensive weapons provided, such as Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and modern missiles.

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The report notes that this reflects Washington's belief that Ukraine has a window of opportunity to liberate occupied territories before Russia can regroup and mount another offensive.

Officials said that the new weapon systems give the Armed Forces of Ukraine significnatly more offensive capabilities – compared to the first months of the war.

On Jan. 6, the United States announced its largest military aid package for Ukraine, worth $3 billion. It includes Bradley IFVs and Sea Sparrow anti-air missiles, which can be paired with Soviet-era Buk launchers.

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