Washington is getting ready to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine

24 January, 09:40 PM
American M1A1 Abrams tank (Photo:REUTERS/Ints Kalnins/File Photo)

American M1A1 Abrams tank (Photo:REUTERS/Ints Kalnins/File Photo)

The United States is finalizing plans to send U.S. Abrams tanks to Ukraine and may announce the move later this week, CNN reported on Jan. 24, citing three U.S. officials.

According to another report by Politico, the White House is considering sending about 30 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

The delivery dates are still unclear, as officials say it usually takes several months to train troops to use the tanks effectively. Several national security experts previously noted that Abrams tanks are notoriously difficult to keep properly supplied and maintained due to their powerful turbine engine – in contrast to diesel-powered German Leopard tanks.

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On Jan. 24, German media reported that Berlin will imminently greenlight shipments of German-made tanks to Ukraine.

Prior to this, Sky News Arabia, citing a source in the Pentagon, reported that U.S. President Joe Biden might transfer ten Abrams tanks to Ukraine – in order to prod German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to do the same.

According to German media, Scholz earlier told Biden that he would approve the transfer of German Leopard tanks to Ukraine if Washington supplied Kyiv with Abrams tanks. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius subsequently denied this precondition was ever mentioned.

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