South Command comments on ‘destruction of Kalibr missiles’ in Dzhankoi

21 March, 01:37 PM
OK South commented on the explosions in Dzhankoya (

OK South commented on the explosions in Dzhankoya (

Destroying the Russian Kalibr cruise missiles in the occupied town and rail junction of Dzhankoi is a clear signal to the Russians that it's time for them to leave Crimea, a military spokesperson said on Ukrainian national television on March 21.

"Dzankoi is a transport hub. It was already known back at the beginning of the full-scale invasion that damage to logistics infrastructure would be one of the main factors that allows the enemy to rethink their actions in Crimea,” said Natalia Humeniuk, the spokesperson of the Ukrainian military’s South Operational Command.

Video of day

“Their required course of action was shown very clearly – they really need to leave by rail now," Humeniuk added.

A series of explosions were heard in Dzhankoi in the evening of March 20. Videos posted on social media included the sounds of flying drones.

Russian occupation "authorities" in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea reported that it was the "work of air defense" that allegedly damaged houses and a store with falling debris.

Ukrainian intelligence later saud that the explosions in Dzhankoi were the result of the destruction of Kalibr missiles transported by the Russians by rail.

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