Wagner PMC presents security risks beyond Ukraine, CIA director says

9 March, 09:54 PM
Wagner Center in Russia (Photo:REUTERS/Igor Russak)

Wagner Center in Russia (Photo:REUTERS/Igor Russak)

Russian private military company Wagner Group is an aggressive criminal organization that poses a threat to other countries besides Ukraine, CIA Director William Burns said during a congressional hearing on March 8, as reported by Voice of America.

When answering questions from members of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, Burns described Wagner Group as "a vicious, aggressive organization which has posed a threat not just to the people of Ukraine.”

Burns noted that it is Wagner PMC that continues relentless assaults on Bakhmut, despite suffering staggering losses.

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He also said the PMC is having a "profoundly destabilizing effect" on a number of other regions, including "many vulnerable societies" in West Africa and the Sahel.

“But we take very seriously the threat posed by (Wagner) in everything we can to counter it and disrupt it,” Burns added.

He confirmed that to counter Wagner activity in Ukraine and other regions, U.S. intelligence services are cooperating with their counterparts in France and other allied countries.

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