Russian Wagner mercenary killed in action in Ukraine

24 June 2022, 04:18 PM

The Ukrainian military eliminated Yevgeny Orlov, a well-known mercenary from the Russian private military company “Wagner”, pro-Kremlin social media accounts reported on June 23.

Prior to joining Wagner, Orlov, known under the pseudonym Ilya Mazaev, was a naval officer.

According to Ukrainian NGO Mirotvoretz, the pro-Kremlin mercenary is the author of the autobiographical book #ИхТамНет (They’reNotThere), in which he wrote about his participation in hostilities in Ukraine, Syria, and Libya.

Video of day

“Orlov was so thirsty for fame that he kept posting photos and videos of his participation in hostilities in Ukraine until his very last day,” says his profile on Mirotvoretz’s website.

“Simultaneously, he was leaking the dispositions of the invaders in Donbas. Using this data, among others, the Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered several accurate artillery strikes on the "Wagner" bases, one of which, apparently, hit Orlov-Mazaev himself, as well as several dozen other mercs.”

When exactly and under what circumstances the mercenary was killed is currently unclear.

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