A new image of propaganda. Three aspects after Medvedev's statement about nuclear war

24 January, 11:48 AM
Dmitry Medvedev (Photo:charter97.org)

Dmitry Medvedev (Photo:charter97.org)

In particular, Medvedev said something like "losing the war" is impossible for a nuclear power, because it would mean a state of nuclear war.

Recently, the main idiot of Russian politics, who spent a lot of time and effort to win this honorable title in a tough fight with Peskov and Rogozin... Yes, that's him. The well-known Dmitriy Medvedev spoke another portion of nonsense.

In particular, he said something like "losing the war" is impossible for a nuclear power, because it would mean a state of nuclear war. I don't know if this is more for the "outside reader" or for the "inside reader", but I can see that this idea is a clear new piece of propaganda which they are actively pushing right now, by saying that Russia is a nuclear power, and a nuclear power can't lose a war, so obviously they won’t.

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But there are three points at once, which, of course, Russian propagandists do not talk about.

The first moment. They are not officially engaged in a war. They officially have a "special operation". Yes, a special operation with hundreds of thousands of contingents of troops, missile strikes, tanks, and a duration of almost a year. But it is impossible to doubt such demonstrative idiocy in Russia, because it is possible to receive suspicion and a sentence for "discrediting" the Russian army. Asking a question like how the recognition of the fact that the army is fighting, and therefore performs its direct functions, can discredit this army - such questions are also forbidden.  It’s not allowed. So, if "there is no war", what war is Medvedev going to lose? Clearly not the war with alcoholism, which he has already lost.

The second moment. Since the time when Russia (and then the USSR) became a nuclear power, it has not, in fact, officially waged wars. There were other "special operations", varieties of "international aid" and so on.

Therefore, by "not officially waging wars", the USSR and Russia lost them calmly and without any particular problems. For example, the war in Afghanistan, or the first war in Chechnya. They lost, retreated silently, and no nuclear war was arranged for the whole world. By the way, they also prudently called the current war a "special operation”, so as not to "lose the war" again.

In general, propaganda is a tricky phenomenon. In the West, they like to say that it "brainwashes" citizens of the Russian Federation, but this is not a truth. In order to "wash" something out of the brain, you have to have a brain.

The main function of propaganda is not "brainwashing", but creating easy-to-consume and ready-made meanings about official government policy. These meanings are intended for aggressive, chauvinistic idiots, who make up the most active part of Russian society.

By consuming these meanings, an aggressive chauvinistic idiot always has topics to talk about with other aggressive chauvinistic idiots. He gets a sense of existence and a belief in his own greatness. And in fact he doesn’t need any other reasons.

And all of this works fantastically as long as the reality of the propaganda and the reality where the consumers of the propaganda exist in parallel. Then everything is fine. You can talk about the "second army", promise to turn everything into "nuclear ash", show the Armata [tank] on TV while promising that it will "tear everyone apart". And aggressive chauvinistic idiots are quite satisfied with that. Then suddenly a "special operation" comes, and everyone begins to expect that the Armata columns will "rip" everyone to shreds, but for some reason they disappear. Aggressive idiots begin to show aggression no longer against comfortable imaginary enemies, but also against the creators of propaganda. The creators show them some highlights, tell them that it's about to [win]...

But even aggressive idiots don't really believe in hundreds of thousands of destroyed HIMARS, millions of killed "Polish mercenaries", and “terribly cold” Europe. They are still ready to consume fake news about how Princes William and Harry fought for sausages, but somehow even they believe less and less in the central fake about the "second army” [of the world].

That is why they release more Medvedev's and Kiselev’s, who tell aggressive idiots how they will destroy humanity with huge nuclear missiles. The idiots are happy for now. They are not even interested in what they will do at the moment of total destruction. But can that hold for the long haul? Let's see.

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