All the decisions have already been made. Why Putin needed a visit to Lukashenko

3 January, 02:26 PM

Putin will decide when and how to throw the Belarusians into battle. The visit on December 19 was intended, first and foremost, for the international community.

I read in posts by analysts that Putin allegedly brought Lukashenko strong arguments for him to join the war against Ukraine during his visit on December 19. In fact, Putin does not need any arguments.

According to agreements signed within the scope of the union state, joint doctrine, and inter-industry, the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus are under the leadership of the General Staff of the Russian Federation. The decision of when and how to use these armed forces, their potential, material and technical base, weapons, and military equipment is made in the Kremlin.

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But these "maneuvers" made by Lukashenko and the Belarusian Ministers of Defense and Internal Affairs are only an attempt to evade responsibility, including before Belarusians, because both Lukashenko himself and this entire cabal understand very well that from the point of view of Belarusian national law, neither Lukashenko as president, nor this entire gang appointed by him, can be considered legitimate officials. Therefore, they are liable for crimes against their own people, and against the Republic of Belarus.

Putin will decide when and how to throw the Belarusians into battle. The visit on December 19 was designed, first and foremost, for that part of the international community which has already been prepared for the fact that Putin is capable of some negotiations, and also for domestic audiences, for whom the narrative is being changed. Pay attention to the arguments voiced by Putin in Minsk. If you didn't know what he was capable of, at least apply it to the wound. But I will emphasize once again: this is an attempt to change the narrative both for the international community and for the whole world.

They can throw the Belarusians against Ukraine at any moment. And the commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is absolutely right in the fact that there is a colossal danger from there, not only in terms of manpower, but also in terms of missile and space forces. The presence there of components of the former Soviet arsenal, multiple launch rocket systems, and joint Belarusian-Chinese developments, not to mention the S-300 complexes and other assets brought in, poses a colossal danger for Ukraine. Therefore, in no case should we reduce the strength of the forces keeping the northern border of Ukraine under control, because dictators like Putin and Lukashenko, for the sake of their own salvation, could throw the forces subordinate to them into this war at any moment.

When you look at this spectacle being played out in the information field, you remember the story of how Hitler read out orders to Mussolini, then how Mussolini could not do anything because, funny enough, the Italian army was incapable of anything, and then Hitler had to come bail Mussolini out.

This Putin-Lukashenko duo is a shameful dwarf version of the Fuhrer and il Duce, who mocked the German and Italian peoples in exactly the same way. Moreover, in this situation, what Putin is doing, and how Lukashenko is barking at him, carries the colossal potential of a crime against civilized Europe. And I would like to draw attention to this, because it is being overlooked now. Due to the fact that Ukraine has been in a state of war for its ninth year now, it is somehow ready for this war.

Here I would like to ask, are Russia’s other neighbors, including those in NATO, ready? Because for both of these fuhrers, when their mass media have been saying for more than three years that Russia is fighting against NATO, it doesn't matter to them where they strike next, be it in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia or somewhere else. Therefore, one should not discount the fact that there may be conversations on this topic as well.

And the main thing will not happen in conversations between Putin and Lukashenko. Everything is already clear there, because Putin's visit is, among other things, a recognition that all the decisions have been made – regarding Belarusian participation in the war. Another thing is that it is necessary to obtain a certain propagandistic benefit from this. But the main work these days will be carried out at the level of general staffs, intelligence, the development of operational-tactical operations, and sabotage work.

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