And the last will be the first

31 March, 10:49 PM

The world turned upside down. As if the arrow of the magnetic compass at the pole it turned 180 degrees. Those we considered strong proved to be weak. 

Almost the entire UN Security Council, which has to decide the fate of the world, was not ready for this mission. A clear evidence of security guarantees from the leaders of this world can be Ukrainian Mariupol. Or Kharkiv. Or Sumy, Irpin, Bucha, Hostomel.

Cities, of course, can be rebuilt. Yes, it will take a lot of resources and time. But it can be done and it will be done. But can trust be restored?

Видео дня

And what about the principles, rights and freedoms that the terrorist state, which is also a member of the UN Security Council, demonstratively threw into the trash? Starting with the basic - the right to life.

Which the Russian Federation decided to select at its own discretion, with the help of heavy artillery, cruise missiles, phosphorus and cassette bombs. Yes, and simply - in an automatic burst for cars with people who tried to escape from sub-bombings by Russian aviation.

I'm not a diplomat. So I have the right to tell the truth. The weak were those who were the strongest. Large and powerful China, which has always drawn Putin's Russia with its votes - "abstentions" in the Council and some strange arrangements with Putin behind the scenes.

America was also weak. How it does not hurt to admit. Yes, we are grateful to the American people for the infantry weapons provided to the Ukrainians. And the United States, along with Britain, has made the most of the rest of the world, with many of them still observing the massive war crimes of the 21st century. This is true and you need to thank loudly for it.

But the story with the actual blocking of the transfer to Ukraine of old Soviet "Mig-29" and mobile air defense systems causes an ironic smile. A bitter ironic smile.

The powerful NATO Alliance is weak.

The phrase of his Secretary-General that the war should not go beyond Ukraine was shocking. The world should, as for me, hear a different phrase from the political leader of the world's most powerful defense alliance.

That the war in Ukraine should be stopped. And this appeal should be heard not in the direction of the Ukrainian authorities, but clearly in the eyes of representatives of the Putin regime.

Ukraine is strong. Unexpectedly for many. I understand why this is so surprised in the world. Ukraine was often perceived as the teacher at school perceives the student at the last desk. We were constantly told about unsuccessful homework. And we silently performed them.

Our army withstood the first blow and acts skillfully and efficiently. Russian occupiers feel it on their own skin. And so the effectiveness in making decisions was from the first second that the Russians covered our airfields with missiles. Ukrainian planes were already in the sky.

Our energy sector works steadily, despite the shelling of its facilities and the seizure of two nuclear power plants. Where they are not totally destroyed by Russian bombings, all life support systems, water supply, communication, Internet, transport work. Trains to Kiev, which holds the defense, are scheduled. Hryvnia also withstood the blow and did not sprinkle.

Repair crews restore communications and supplies immediately after shelling and destruction. All this personally arouses respect for Ukrainians. And to the homework that we did with you, creating a stable and stable system of our state. Able to hold positions and develop even under the shelling of Putin's Russia.

And people were particularly resilient. Putin needed a picture that Ukrainians meet his tanks with flowers. It didn't happen. They were met with bottles with an inflammatory mixture. Putin needed a picture of queues of cars and crowds of refugees on the Belarusian border. But even those Ukrainians who left the country moved in the opposite direction from the "Russian world."

Where all these years went the whole country - to Europe. And this is also a slap in the face to the Russian dictator, who by brute force and war could not drive Ukrainians into concentration camps created by his regime.

And another exciting picture, which is still to be understood: bypassing the armed invaders, people massively make their way into the semi-encircled cities, which the Russians bomb and fire from the air.

That is, people from the suburbs captured by the enemy, risking their lives and overcoming the destroyed bridges, crossing the wadis of the river, go where it is dangerous, where Russian missiles and air bombs fly. They are heading for their own, and away from the invaders who have tried on the robes of "deliverers."

Armed Putin soldiers are often surprised to watch this flow of people leaving their homes, leaving cars on the roadsides to find themselves where the Russian army is targeting its weapons. Where it's dangerous. But away from the fact that Putin and his pack are called "Russian world." And this is also the verdict of modern Russia.

 The world, of course, is recovering. Perhaps those who have shown weakness will draw certain conclusions. And they will let courage and strength into their hearts. That's what's going to happen.

Because the security system, in which the main issues are solved by several countries that at the crucial moment fell into a psychological coma, and among which there is a bloody butcher, not only killing and destroying, but also questioning all the declared values of this world, no longer exists.

The world has changed too much to live by the old schemes. The world needs a new system in which all wonderful declarations of freedom are securely protected by force and political will.

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