Putin establishes a "truce" for 36 hours. What does this say?

8 January, 04:05 PM

Putin's love for the Orthodox faithful showed itself immediately after a conversation with the well-known champion of Christianity, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

First, we advise Putin to buy a calendar. Christmas has actually already passed.

Secondly, for some reason, when the Orthodox in Kyiv celebrated the New Year, Putin jumped out of his pants and his bulletproof vest just to spoil it and spoil the holiday. And now, suddenly, "we have to celebrate properly." Perhaps he should say, "I have no more missiles, so I can't spoil Christmas, too." It would be more honest.

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And thirdly, a truce for holidays, even religious ones, is a huge hypocrisy. That is, before and after the holidays, you can kill, rape, and commit genocide. But you have to pray on holidays. And rest with a happy face.

We advise Putin to buy a calendar

This is typical hypocrisy and replacing the principles and essence of religion with a simple formality – when there are rituals, but there is no meaning. As before the war, many corrupt Ukrainian officials wore vyshyvankas on Easter and sneered at the Moscow Patriarchate with knowing glances, as if they had not been stealing all day before.

What does Putin's proposal mean?

First, that Russia has no more strength.

Since July, Russia has activated everything and everyone to achieve a ceasefire and a solidification of the gains they had achieved. This “truce” is simply another manifestation, which Putin will then use to distribute methods to his agents with the words "look, we are for peace, but the Ukrainians want the blood of Christian children." Will it help Putin to sway public opinion in the West to his side? Hardly, but he will try anyway.

Second, it is a demonstration to Comrade Xi Jinping, saying "Father, I am trying."

But so far he is not trying very hard, and we need more Western tanks so that he really puts in an effort to make peace. Then there will be real peace, and not hypocritical proposal "let's kill after the holidays."

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