Putin's catastrophic mistake and the reaction in Brussels

21 November 2022, 08:52 PM

Putin has again surpassed himself in destroying his country

Putin knows how to destroy more than just other countries, but also his own. And in this case, he has outdone himself again. Russia is continuing its rocket attacks on Ukraine, and at the same time has announced orders for the production of Zircon hypersonic missiles. Such public announcements about military orders are unconventional for Russia, which, as a rule, does these things in secrecy. This was thus a message to the rest of the world, which has been recorded and deciphered.

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Let's start with Putin's "wunderwaffe," with which he scares the world. Missiles with the Zircon’s reported speed and range should hit targets that are well-protected by modern air defense systems and at a distance of thousands of kilometers. This is a direct threat to Brussels, London, Berlin, Paris, and other capitals and countries.

These two pictures with rockets for Europe and burning Ukrainian houses have come together in one puzzle. It is no secret that European politicians also have children. And they don't want these kids to one day, instead of being at school or university, to be under the sound of sirens, running in panic through the streets of Brussels or London in search of bomb shelters. Nobody needs this. And it is unlikely that these same politicians will agree with such a prospect of the future. Just Russia believes it is “time to get up off its knees,” and because all these missile strikes and occupations are embedded in the doctrine of Putin, Medvedev, Patrushev, Kadyrov, Prigozhin and other ideologists of Russian imperialism. This is of no interest to anyone. And because the Putin regime will be destroyed. But not by bombing Russian cities, but by other means – by a number of systematic actions in several areas.

First: Ukraine will receive new military assistance. New air defense systems, UAVs, and other high-tech tools. What Ukraine will receive and in what volumes will be determined in the near future by EU defense ministers. This assistance will strengthen the agreed decision to train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers in EU countries,  in particular Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. Of course, one can say that it is the Ukrainian combat experience that is now leading for the rest of the armies of the world. Nobody argues this within Europe. But we are talking about tactical training, combat management methods, interaction between units, and the use of high-tech weapons, navigation, guidance, and reconnaissance in accordance with NATO standards. And this is exactly what will allow Ukraine to knock out its enemy without large frontal attacks, thus avoiding unjustified casualties. In fact, we are talking about a significant increase in the technological level of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, destroying with smaller forces units of both the professional military of the Russian Federation and hastily formed flocks of "mobiki (mobilized Russians)," Kadyrov's “TikTok" troops, and Prigozhin's gangs of prisoners.

Secondly, Europe has become aware of the consequences of decades of political pacifism and strange disputes about whether to spend 2% of GDP on defense needs. They understand that they need time for weapons  factories to get up to full capacity. Let me remind you that the Germans, for example, handed over the first modernized IRIS-T air defense system to Ukraine. The system is really excellent – it shoots down everything that moves in the air. This model is not yet even in service with the Bundeswehr. But it takes time to make a few more systems and transfer them to Ukraine, not to mention providing for one’s own needs. Against this background, the Europeans are set to spend another 70 billion euros on defense needs by 2025, as the EU’s head of foreign affairs Josep Borrell, announced in Brussels.

Emotionally, Brussels has become a Ukrainian city for a certain period of its history. Among the most popular souvenirs in the shops of the Belgian capital are things colored blue and yellow. The famous Brussels boy and Ukrainian flags are markers of public demand. After all, businesses respond to demand. At night, administrative buildings are illuminated with the colors of our flag. While the greeting "Glory to Ukraine!" has probably not yet become the official greeting of European politicians, it is still very popular.

And so, the pictures of burning Ukrainian houses have been seen once again by the whole world. No one is going to forgive Russia for this, or forget it. And Russia will feel this.

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