The main consequence of the Pentagon classified information leak

19 April, 04:48 PM
Pentagon (Photo:REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)

Pentagon (Photo:REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Pentagon leaks

The topic of leaks of secret documents from the Pentagon has been the headline for the last week. Some journalists and commentators assess the situation as a "catastrophe," especially concerning the Ukrainian counteroffensive and relations between the United States and Ukraine. Is it true?

There are a lot of talks about it (in the form of suggestions) in the media and from some officials.The damage from this speculation is much more impactful than the leaks themselves. Are there any changes to the Ukrainian Armed Forces' counteroffensive plans? They could make certain adjustments to these plans just in case. No one knows precisely what "leaked" and its size. However, I assume that counteroffensive plans have already been changed several times due to various other objective and subjective circumstances.

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Could these leaks affect US-Ukraine relations, particularly the level of US support for Ukraine? The general answer is no. Firstly, because it "leaked" not from us but from the USA. Secondly, it is not in the interests of either Ukraine or the USA. We cannot refuse American aid, which is critically important to us. And it is not in the interests of the United States to stop such assistance. The problem is not in the very fact of such aid, or in some unacceptable forms of it, but in the source of the information. This is an internal US problem that they must solve. Both sides will surely increase their systems of checks and warnings. This will be the main consequence of the appeared problem.

Some have dramatized that the Americans "eavesdropped" on the Ukrainian president. But anyone who understands international politics understands very well that Americans (as well as the Russians and Chinese) try to listen in on all influential statesmen - enemies, allies, and everything in between. Moreover, this is done in conditions of war. For example, ten years ago, there was a scandal surrounding how American intelligence tapped the cell phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And what came of it? There was a lot of noise. There were some, not very significant, but some image negatives for both sides. However, it didn’t affect the relations between the two countries significantly. I think that even the current "leaks" won’t fundamentally affect ties between the USA and, not only Ukraine, but also with other friendly countries - from the intelligence coalition "Five Eyes" to South Korea. Although the "sediment" will undoubtedly remain and precautions will increase.

Let's summarize. Currently, the situation with leaks of Pentagon secret documents is problematic (primarily for the US), but not critical (especially for us). However, the holes from which it "flows" should be immediately found and closed.

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