Three lessons from Ramstein. About Germany, tanks and offensive weapons for Ukraine

30 January, 12:55 PM
Zelensky addresses the participants of the meeting in the Ramstein format (Photo:REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay)

Zelensky addresses the participants of the meeting in the Ramstein format (Photo:REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay)

I think that many Ukrainians are left with some disappointment after the meeting of the Ramstein platform which took place on January 20.

Many are even deeply disappointed. It is noted that there is no decision to supply Ukraine with German Leopard tanks and offensive weapons in general.

But now we are not in the situation where we can afford being in the grip of disappointment and resentment. The rational response should be patience and persistence. Another red line called "tanks and offensive weapons" is being overcome not all at once, more slowly than we would like, but it is still starting to be overcome. In the end, a similar situation was with the decisions to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons, artillery, and air defense systems.

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Rather, it is about a delayed decision (this is what Germany is about). Overcautious German partners still need to be pressed to the correct and inevitable decision. They are still a little immature. I also assume that at first Germany may allow other countries to supply us with the notorious "Leopards", and then they will "splash" in Berlin.

Therefore, the first lesson is not to give in to emotions, but to act rationally and persistently. After all, this is the lesson of the entire current war against the Russian invasion.

The second lesson is not to fixate on specific dates and events, to wait for some miracle where everything will be solved at once. There will be no such miracle. And it is the overestimated expectations tied to specific dates and events that lead to disappointment.

I have said this more than once, and it is worth emphasizing it once again: it is not necessary to determine publicly the dates for the liberation of specific territories and the end of the war in general. This also applies to the issue of supplying Ukraine with specific types of weapons.

For us, the specific result is important, not the date of its achievement.

The third lesson is that we must start restoring our own defense production in cooperation with those partners who are ready to help us. And after the end of the war, this should become one of the main priorities of the renewed Ukrainian economy. I will remind you that Ukraine produced and even exported its own tanks. The same applies to aviation (in any case, the production of drones can be adjusted, and it is already being done, as far as I know), missiles and air defense systems (albeit individual elements). And we can produce shells. We have production traditions and certain technologies in all these directions. But, unfortunately, there are also huge problems with Ukroboronprom, which must somehow be dealt with and restored to its normal operation.

Or we need to give space to the entrepreneurial initiative of Ukrainian business. But, one way or another, in the future, we must rely primarily on our own weapons and ammunition, and not only on the help of friends and on the searching for weapons around the world.

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