10 July 2022, 01:42 PM

Air force publishes aerial view of Donbas battlefront

Rare birds-eye footage of the front lines in eastern Ukraine, as seen from the cockpit of a Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 fighter jet, was published by Ukraine’s Air Force on Facebook on July 10.

The comments to the video describes the jet as providing air support to Ukrainian ground attack aircraft, as they approach to eliminate enemy targets on the ground.

The short video, only three seconds long, shows the right wing of the MiG-29, fully armed with missiles, as it cruises parallel to a line of smoke clouds from fires on the ground, somewhere in eastern Ukraine.

The video shows that the Ukrainian air force is still active, more than four months after Russia launched its all-out war on Ukraine.

Western military experts had expected that Russia would quickly eliminate the Ukrainian air force on the ground, and establish air superiority over the battlefield.

In fact, the Russian air force has suffered serious losses, and according to the Ukrainian air force, Russian pilots no longer fly into zones protected by Ukrainian air defenses for fear of being shot down.

However, Russian aircraft, including attack helicopters, are still operating along the front line in Ukraine in places where active hostilities continue.

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