23 February, 03:23 PM

Australia sanctions Russia for recognizing Moscow’s Donbas puppet statelets

Australia is imposing economic sanctions on Russia following the Kremlin recognition of the statelets it created in Ukraine’s Donbas as independent “republics,” Australian news outlet ABC News reported on Feb. 23.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that Canberra’s sanctions will echo those already announced by its allies and partners.

“Australians always stand up to bullies, and we will be standing up to Russia,” said Morrison.

“Australian targeted sanctions are aimed at eight Russians, who will be barred from Australia or from financial dealings with any Australian structures and organizations.”

The prime minister added that the sanctions will also hit one Russian state-owned bank, as well as other banks involved in financing Russia’s military-industrial complex.

Earlier, the European Union agreed to sanction the 351 Russian MPs that voted in favor of Moscow recognizing the pseudo-“republics” in Ukraine’s Donbas.

On Feb. 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Russia’s recognition of the non-government-controlled areas of Ukrainian Donbas as independent “republics,” and immediately ordered Russian troops into the area.

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