30 June, 03:10 PM

Belarus sends out conscription notices en masse

Belarussian citizens have started receiving conscription notices, local news outlet Zerkalo reported on June 30.

According to the report, notices are being served even to people who were previously deemed unfit for service.

“(The notice) arrived at work by fax – the original didn’t get to my home (address)…,” a Minsk reservist told Zerkalo.

“There were around ten of us there. We were called in for individual meetings with someone from the regiment we’re attached to, I think. Our personal information was verified, photos compared. (They) checked if we still had the same shoe and clothing size, confirmed our military specialties.”

Belarussian enlistment offices denied this campaign has anything to do with the war in Ukraine, and said it all is related to exercises and territorial defense training.

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