26 November 2022, 07:55 PM

Deficit in Ukraine’s grid down to 25%, says electricity transmission system operator

The power deficit in the Ukrainian power system on the morning of Nov. 26 decreased to 25% compared to 30% as of the evening of Nov. 25, the electricity transmission system operator NPC Ukrenergo has reported.

The company noted that power engineers were continuing to restore the grid.

It is reported that as of 11 a.m., another nuclear reactor was put into operation, and the capacity of the others is being increased to planned levels.

"Thus, electricity producers now cover about 75% of consumption needs," the agency said.

At the same time, another 25% of electricity remains in deficit, so on Nov. 26, a consumption restriction is in effect throughout Ukraine.

Ukrenergo also notes that the company no longer determines what types of outages – emergency or planned – will be applied, as it is now up to regional power distribution companies to decide.

"Now we have changed tactics, and inform the regional power distribution companies not about how many megawatts they need to limit consumption in each region, but on the contrary, what the consumption limit in the region is," said Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, the head of the state enterprise.

That is, dispatchers of the regional power companies receive a consumption indicator for the region, which cannot be exceeded. (Then) an outage plan that will allow the established consumption rate ,to be complied with is drawn up by each regional power company independently.

"Now every Ukrainian, in whose home light has been restored, can help to restore it to others by simply consuming electricity sparingly," Ukrenergo concluded.

“This will make it possible to apply fewer restrictions aimed at preventing accidents, and will also help power engineers focus on repairs of damaged facilities on which the power supply of entire regions depends.”

As a result of the Russian missile attack on Ukraine's critical infrastructure on Nov. 23, the Ukrainian power system experienced a massive blackout, but it is gradually recovering. On the morning of Nov. 25, the electricity deficit fell to 30%, whereas on the evening of Nov. 24 it stood at 50%.

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