4 April 2022, 05:31 PM

High noon for the West. Above all, for Germany

Ivan Prymachenko

Co-founder of the Prometheus education course

Before your eyes and with your money, Russian invaders are committing genocide in the heart of the European continent.

Mass executions, rape, the destruction of entire cities. Tons of photo and video evidence, and eyewitness accounts, recorded by the world’s media. Mariupol, Bucha, Irpin, dozens of other cities, towns, and villages. Meanwhile, since the beginning of the war, the EU has already bought oil and gas from Russia to the tune of EUR 18 billion — the money with which Russian fascists are funding this inhumane war.

For years, the West has been telling us about human rights and the rule of law, humanism, and tolerance. It commemorated the victory over the fascist dictatorships during World War II and kept reiterating "never again." And so Ukraine rose to defend these values ​​in the battle against the fascist dictatorship not with words, but at the cost of its own life. The time has come for the West to remember the basic values ​​of our civilization.

Stop looking for excuses for inaction. It's high time to call a spade a spade.

The Russian authorities have been setting the stage for the genocide for years, instilling Russians with hatred for Ukrainians, and convincing them that we are not human. Russian citizens gladly endorsed such actions of the authorities, voting in good faith for them in the elections.

Before the invasion, the Russian security forces systematically prepared for mass public executions of Ukrainians, which Western intelligence publicly warned about. The destruction of the Ukrainian state and the genocide of Ukrainians is the real goal of Russian aggression, which they are no longer hiding behind a smokescreen on social networks and on their prime-time TV shows.

The West faces one of the most important decisions in its history. It can choose to stop this genocide. Europe can immediately announce a gas and oil embargo against the aggressor state. The Western countries have all the resources to provide an unlimited supply of modern weapons to Ukraine.

Then the Russian troops throughout Ukraine will be defeated, as has already happened near Kyiv. And the Russian authorities, under colossal economic pressure, will simply run out of resources for further aggression. Of course, you will have to pay for this. But isn't a few percent of GDP worth peace in Europe and the preservation of the core values ​​on which the Western world is built?

Can Western countries become complicit in a new European genocide of the 21st century by continuing to buy oil and gas from Russia, pretending that it is impossible to refuse it? And can it continue to refuse to supply Ukraine with offensive weapons, believing Russian tales about the ghostly horrors of the escalation coming from a country, which is now razing entire cities to the ground? You will also need to pay for this.

If Russia does not fail in Ukraine, it will move on. And the West will be forced to declare a moral default on all the values ​​that were proclaimed for many decades — the first step towards the decline of any great civilization.

There is still time to make a choice that is right, both morally and pragmatically, once and for all. A number of our allies have already done it, standing shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine. And for everyone else, time is running out fast. The court of history will remember the actions of every Western politician these days. And this judgment will be cruel.

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