30 June, 03:00 PM

Pro-Russian moods completely vanished in Ukraine, says sociologist

Pro-Russian sentiments in Ukraine have completely disappeared, Oleksiy Antypovych, director of the Rating sociological group, has said in an interview with NV.

"Pro-Russian sentiments in Ukraine have completely disappeared, Russia is an enemy for 100% of Ukrainians, the majority of Ukrainians regard the Russian regime as a dictatorship and will strive to dismantle it, just as they strive to get rid of traces of Russian culture and empire in Ukrainian cities," he said. 

Antypovych reminded that every fifth Ukrainian agreed with the narrative of Russian propaganda that Russians and Ukrainians are one nation at the beginning of the war, in March, but after events in Bucha and Irpin only about 8% of still did so. 

"Everything that concerns Russia now looks toxic, that's why there are no pro-Russian sentiments in Ukraine," the sociologist said. 

Earlier, the mayor of Donbas city of Slovyansk, Vadym Lyakh, who was previously a Party of Regions MP, and in 2020 was elected mayor from the Opposition Bloc, said in an interview with NV that Russia had destroyed its own narratives about the "Russian world" with its actions. 

According to the survey of the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, conducted from May 13 to 18, 92% of Ukrainians have a negative attitude towards the Russian Federation, while only 2% of respondents said they have a good attitude towards Russia.

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