28 April 2022, 03:30 PM

Russia ‘legalizes’ stealing Ukrainian grain from Kherson

The local legislative council of Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Oblast has approved a decision to supplement Krasnoyarsk’s food supply with grain from Ukraine’s Kherson Oblast, the council said in a message on its website on April 27.

“Almost unanimously, the deputies supported a decision to bring in grain from Kherson Oblast, which is partially controlled by the Russian Armed Forces,” the message reads.

“… (As) shortages of vegetables and grain caused by foreign sanctions are acutely felt in Krasnoyarsk Oblast and Russia as a whole, expropriating the agricultural surplus from the farmers of Kherson Oblast will be a way to provide relief to (Russian) small businesses.”

On April 25, Russian occupation forces took over the building of Kherson City Council, taking down the Ukrainian flag. Hennadiy Lahuta, the head of the regional administration, said this had been expected, but that local officials would never accept either the Russian or the Soviet flag.

Following the seizure of the council building, during a “special session” of the council, Russia and its collaborators “appointed” Volodymyr Saldo as the new “head” of the city and oblast of Kherson.

Kherson’s Mayor, Ihor Kolykhaev, remains in the city and refuses to cooperate with occupational administration.

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