16 May, 01:45 PM

Russian army pushing forward in three directions in Donbas region

The Donbas operational zone remains the center point of invading Russian forces’ operations, with the enemy constantly trying to advance to increase its control over more Ukrainian territory, Ukraine’s General Staff reported in an update on May 16.

In the Donbas region, the invaders have shelled local towns and villages using all weapons at their disposal, including aircraft. They are trying to exhaust Ukrainian army stationed in the Donbas and destroy the fortifications prepared by Ukrainian troops for own defensive operation in the east, the General Staff said.

The Russian army is continuing to advance in three directions – towards Lyman, Bakhmut and Kurakovo, the General Staff said. The intensity of battlefield action in these areas remains high.

Near Avdiyivka, an important industrial town, the Russian army has retreated to the positions they held nearby prior to its recent advances.

Siverodonetska, Novopavlivsk and Slovyansk haven’t seen serious battlefield action in recent days as Russian troops have made no attempts to invade these Ukrainian cities. However, Russian artillery has been busy in that area.

In Mariupol, invading Russian troops keep using artillery and aircraft to pressure the encircled city. Their key operational efforts are focused on blocking Ukrainian troops stuck at Azovstal, a major steel plant.

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