16 May, 07:52 PM

Russians bomb chemical storage in Kharkiv Oblast

Invading Russian troops shelled a chemicals storage facility in Kharkiv Oblast on May 16, causing it to explode and release a cloud of red gas, head of Donetsk Oblast Military Administration Pavlo Kyrylenko has reported.

Kyrylenko confirmed that a Russian missile had hit the storage in Kharkiv Oblast, which is known to have stored ammonium nitrate. The shelling and following explosion produced lots of smoke that turned red.

There is no reason to panic, Kyrylenko said. He added that a release of ammonium nitrate does not pose any serious risk to the environment. The largest concentrations of the chemical were detected 200-500 meters from the epicenter of explosion, he said.

The situation is under control, Kyrylenko said, adding that there is no direct threat to lives and health of local residents due to the ammonium nitrate explosion. The cloud didn’t reach any villages or towns of Donetsk Oblast and remained on the territory of Kharkiv Oblast until it dispersed.

Experts on chemicals arrived at the scene of the explosion and started an investigation. Their goal is determine the value of the damage to the ammonium nitrate storage facility and the value of the damage to the natural environment. 

According to them, the concentration of chemicals in the air appears to be normal.

“I want to calm down our residents: the substance that was spread in the air after the explosion in Kharkiv Oblast doesn’t bring any serious threats to people of the surrounding environment,” said Oleh Synihubov, head of Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration.

Previously, the Russian army destroyed several storages with chemicals in the Donbas operational area.

In Kyiv, the enemy bombed a storage with fuel in western part of the city several weeks ago.

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