21 June, 02:14 PM

Russian shelling of Lysychansk kills at least one, says Luhansk governor

At least one person was killed after Russian troops massively shelled the town of Lysychansk in Luhansk Oblast for almost a day, Luhansk Regional Governor Serhiy Hayday said in a Telegram messenger post on June 21.

"The shelling continued from the night before and all day yesterday," he said.

"Aviation was used. Over 10 high-rise buildings, private houses and a police station building were destroyed. So far, the body of one victim has been found. The wounded woman was immediately evacuated to Kramatorsk. The final number of victims is being specified since it was almost impossible to move around the town safely yesterday."

Later on, speaking on Ukrainian national television, Hayday said that the head of the town's military administration, Valeriy Shybiko, had gone to the attack scenes several times, but had come under fire himself.

"The military administration head went several times to see the sites with the maximum number of attacks," the governor said.

"But he came under fire himself, and his car was fired upon, so he returned."

Hayday also said that the invaders had carried out offensive operations near Kamyshevakha, Zolote and Hirske during the massive shelling of Lysychansk.

"They lost equipment and people as a result of the offensive, although they had local success, but they simply died out and now, as far as I understand, they have stopped to regroup," he said.

Fierce fighting continues in Severodonetsk. The invaders again shelled the Azot chemical plant, the territory of a brick factory, as well as firing near three bridges.

In addition, doctors remain in one of the buildings of a local medical zone destroyed by the Russians.

"We have a certain supply of medicines there," Hayday explained.

"The doctors provide some necessary first aid to local residents, but they cannot perform complex surgery."

He added that 20 houses had been destroyed in Hirske and Novoivanivtsi over the past day. The invaders also destroyed a lyceum in Vrubivka. Moreover, the enemy launched missiles on Ustynivka, Bilohorivka and Hirske.

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