15 September, 11:05 AM

Russian troops shell city of Kherson, potential civilian casualties, Ukrainian official says

Invading Russian forces shelled the Tavriysky micro district of the city of Kherson, the first deputy chairman of Kherson Regional Council, Yuri Sobolevsky, said on social media on Sept. 15.

He said that there may have been casualties as a result of the shelling. According to Sobolevsky, the Russians are trying to blame the attack on the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"The shelling of the Tavriysky district in Kherson (with possible victims) is another bloody provocation by the Russians,” Sobolevsky said.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not engage with that area of the city during this period of time! In addition, the analysis of the location of the events and the speed with which their propagandists arrived at the scene of the tragedy speak of a provocation. (They are) animals – no other way to put it. You will answer for this as well!"

Meanwhile, the head of the Kherson Regional Council, Oleksandr Samoilenko, confirmed reports that the village of Kyselivka had been liberated from the invaders.

He stressed that the only settlement now separating the Ukrainian army from the city of Kherson is the famous suburb of Chornobayivka, the airfield of which – used as a Russian base – has been attacked dozens of times by Ukrainian forces.

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