29 June 2022, 01:44 PM

Situation in Lysychansk like that in Severodonetsk a month ago, says Luhansk governor

The situation in Lysychansk is now similar to that in Severodonetsk a month ago, Luhansk Regional Governor Serhiy Hayday said in a Telegram messenger post on June 29.

"The situation in Lysychansk is reminiscent of what happened in Severodonetsk a little over a month ago, at the beginning of the assault on the town, when house after house starts to catch fire," he said.

"The invaders do not stop at anything."

Hayday said that the Russian troops had not been able to advance in Severodonetsk for a long time, so they fired about 200 shells from various types of weapons at one of the town's intersections, turning several houses to ashes.

The governor also spoke about the civilians who had been injured while queuing to collect water when the Russian invaders used an Uragan multiple launch rocket systems against them. Many locals have serious injuries and are being hospitalized throughout Ukraine.

In particular, three residents of Lysychansk were hospitalized to Kramatorsk. Two children, aged 14 and 15, were taken to Dnipro. The wounded are also being treated in Lviv.

Russian troops used an Uragan MLRS on June 27 to shell a crowd of Lysychansk residents as they collected water. The attack killed eight and injured 21 people, including children.

Earlier Hayday reported that the Russians were destroying the town with all possible weapons, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine lacked long-range artillery in the region.

He added that Ukraine had not been able to bring humanitarian aid to the town for the past two days, but that it had some stocks and its hospital was equipped with everything necessary.

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