2 May 2022, 06:27 PM

Nearly 4,500,000 tons of grain are stuck in Ukraine’s ports, says UN

Almost 4,500,000 tons of Ukrainian grain remain stuck at Ukrainian ports, unable to be exported to the rest of the world due to Russia’s naval blockade, official of UN’s World Food Program, Martin Frick, told Radio Liberty on May 1.

Prior to the Russian invasion, Ukraine was one of world’s largest exporters of wheat and corn – something many developing countries rely upon for food supplies.

“Hunger should not be (used as) a weapon,” said Frick.

He said that shipments of Ukrainian agricultural produce via maritime trade routes have to be resumed in order to avoid a global food crisis.

Western countries have warned of a potential food crisis in a number of countries due to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. In March, the UN recorded food price inflation rate of 12% – the highest since 1990.

Price hikes and interruption in food supply threatens countries in the Middle East, Africa, and some parts of Asia with food crises.

Earlier, Bulgaria and Romania agreed to make their ports available for Ukrainian agricultural exports.

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