Artificial intelligence draws animals threatened with extinction due to the war in Ukraine

18 November 2022, 07:46 PM
Чорний лелека — одна з тварин, яким російська агресія завдала значної шкоди (Photo:UAnimals)

Чорний лелека — одна з тварин, яким російська агресія завдала значної шкоди (Photo:UAnimals)

A series of works created by artificial intelligence are being presented at an international initiative – #StopEcocideUkraine of UAnimals protection movement – which is being held at Lviv Art Palace from Nov. 16-30.

The Russian war against Ukraine has caused enormous losses, including the killing of animals.

"Over 80 species are on the verge of extinction in our country, (and some)may be completely extinct due to the Russian aggression against Ukraine," said the founder of the UAnimals animal protection movement, Oleksandr Todorchuk.

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The movement has launched a petition on that appeals to the European Parliament, the United Nations, the parliaments of partner states, international organizations and institutions, urging them to condemn Russian environmental crimes.

The movement quotes data from the State Environmental Inspection of Ukraine, including the facts that:

  • 182,880 m2 of soil has been polluted with harmful substances;
  • 2,365,129 m2 of land is littered with the remains of destroyed objects and ammunition;
  • 680,618 tons of petroleum products were burned during shelling, which resulted in significant air pollution;
  • 23,286 hectares of forest were burned by rockets or projectiles, and it will take at least 10 years to restore some forest areas;
  • 7,155,689 m2 of objects were destroyed, including critical infrastructure, which also caused significant damage to Ukraine's environment.

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