Exotic animals rescued from Kharkiv zoo

11 March, 02:18 PM
Kharkiv’s Eco-park (Photo:Feldman Eco-park)

Kharkiv’s Eco-park (Photo:Feldman Eco-park)

Braving constant barrages of Russian artillery, volunteers and employees of Kharkiv’s Feldman Eco-park have successfully transported a large group of exotic animals to safety, a post on the Eco-park’s Facebook page read on March 10.

According to the post, some of the animals rescued include: African spurred tortoises, an Aldabra giant tortoise, a couple of chimpanzees and their young, a whole family of lar gibbons, lemurs, capucins, green monkeys, a caracal, a viverra, various hornbills, a marabou stork, a flamingo, a spoonbill, an ibis, and Cape Barren geese.

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The Eco-park’s founder, Alexander Feldman, is hosting some of the rescued animals, with volunteers caring for the others. The zoo is looking to take the animals out of the country temporarily, as the war continues.

The establishment is in need of animal feed, transportation, people willing to assist in evacuating animals, and financial support. Individuals wishing to contribute to the zoo’s efforts can contact the park via its Facebook page.

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