Retired player thinks Ukraine should boycott EURO 2024 qualifying

15 April, 06:05 PM
The national team of Ukraine may miss the European Championship (Photo:REUTERS/Peter Dejong)

The national team of Ukraine may miss the European Championship (Photo:REUTERS/Peter Dejong)

Former Ukrainian football player and football manager, Yozhef Sabo, backed Ukraine's ban for athletes to compete with Russian and Belarusian athletes, football outlet Fanday reported on April 14.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine adopted the decision to prohibit Ukrainian teams from taking part in competitions where Russian and Belarusian athletes compete. Belarus is participating in Euro 2024 qualification, although in a different qualification group than Ukraine.

According to the boycott, the Ukrainian national football team could be forced to leave the tournament.

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"I believe that the Ministry of Youth and Sports made the right decision, I support it. How could UEFA even allow Belarus to compete? These are not our problem, but theirs. Belarus and Russia should be disqualified from everywhere! They are fighting against us. I believe that if Belarus will play in Euro 2024 qualification, then we should not participate there! Lukashenko and his henchmen are the same bastards and scumbags as the Russians. Lukashenko handed Belarus over to Russia. Belarus no longer exists, there is Russia-2. It turns out that Russia-2 is participating in the competition," Sabo told Fanday.

"We'd rather be disqualified, but we can't play with Belarusians in the same tournament! We need to make noise in Europe and enlist the support of the EU countries. Only Europe can help us! There is no hope for the IOC, FIFA, and UEFA! They are all corrupt officials who have sold out for Gazprom's money," the retired player said.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has said that it will decide later if the Ukrainian team will boycott the remaining Euro 2024 qualification based on the Ministry’s new legislation.

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