Urban Dictionary adds a new word – Ukrained

12 April, 12:03 PM
UrbanDictionary provides definitions for slang terms (Photo:Urban Dictionary)

UrbanDictionary provides definitions for slang terms (Photo:Urban Dictionary)

Ukraine’s stalwart defense against unprovoked Russian aggression has created yet another pop-cultural reference – the word “Ukrained” has been added to the online slang dictionary, Urban Dictionary. It’s explained as “When you are Russia and you invade a country and the response is humiliation on a global forum,” and was noticed by Ukrainian literary news site Chytomo.

“When the world’s second largest kleptocracy, led by a mentally challenged and incompetent apparatus, decides to invade its peaceful neighbor and ends up getting slapped so hard their economy travels back in time to the stone age,” reads another explanation for the new term.

The Urban Dictionary was created in 1999 by Aaron Peckham, to explain slang words and expressions, that are often missing from other dictionaries. Users can submit new terms for consideration to the site.

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