Kherson neighborhood deprived of heating after Russian shelling

14 December 2022, 07:57 PM
Russian troops systematically shell Kherson after fleeing the city (Photo:Anna Voitenko/Reuters)

Russian troops systematically shell Kherson after fleeing the city (Photo:Anna Voitenko/Reuters)

The Korabel district in Kherson was left without heating due to shelling by the Russian military, regional governor Yaroslav Yanushevych reported on Telegram on Dec. 14. 

According to the official, as a result of enemy attacks, pumping and electrical transformer stations were damaged. These stations deliver water to a boiler facility, which in turn provides heating to the neighborhood.

"Due to the high danger, repair crews cannot quickly eliminate the breakdowns of the heating network,” Yanushevych noted.

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“Therefore, it is impossible to provide stable heating now. Water will be drained from the system. This is necessary to protect the heating network from damage. If this is not done, it will be very difficult to restore it.”

The governor added that there is a high probability that the neighborhood may be left without power due to constant shelling by Russian troops.

The authorities urged the residents of Korabel and other districts of Kherson to evacuate to safer areas. The local government is ready to help with the evacuation.

After the Russian forces fled Kherson on Nov. 11, enemy troops began shelling the de-occupied city almost on a daily basis. On Dec. 12, the KhBK district was shelled, which resulted in two casualties and five more people being injured.

On Dec. 14, as a result of Russian shelling, the building of the Kherson Oblast Military Administration was heavily damaged, and six people were injured.

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