Blackouts in Kyiv decrease by one-and-a-half times, says YASNO

2 December 2022, 12:24 PM
Blackout in Kyiv, November 2022 (Photo:Олександр Медведєв / НВ)

Blackout in Kyiv, November 2022 (Photo:Олександр Медведєв / НВ)

The number of people without power in Kyiv fell from about 958,000 on Nov. 29-30 to 652,000 on Dec. 1, Ukrainian news agency Interfax-Ukraine reported on Dec. 2, referring to Serhiy Kovalenko, general director of the energy supply company YASNO.

“The limit of consumption in Kyiv was 580 MW, and this is almost what was (originally) scheduled,” he said.

Kovalenko said that the significant decrease in the number of shutdowns and the slight increase on the consumption limit (it was 545-560 MW on Nov. 29-30) is due to the increase in available capacity, but at the same time, consumption is also increasing.

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Meanwhile, accidents have become much more frequent, caused by overloads “when everyone plugs everything into the sockets at once when the electricity comes back,” including electric heaters due to the cold.

“Therefore, I will not tire of repeating: use electricity responsibly,” Kovalenko said.

“Unfortunately, we will have regular blackouts this winter, so stock up on warm clothes, insulate the house and believe in the Armed Forces.”

There were emergency power outages in parts of Kyiv on Dec. 1.

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