Chechen leader says he deserves ‘indefinite and long’ vacation

3 September, 09:02 PM
Ramzan Kadyrov (Photo:Kadyrov95 / telegram)

Ramzan Kadyrov (Photo:Kadyrov95 / telegram)

Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov, who has been in power for 15 years, said on Sept. 3 that he deserves an “indefinite and long” vacation.

In a video posted by Kadyrov to the Telegram messenger service, he called himself “the longest-living among all the heads of Russian subjects.”

“We, the Caucasians, the Chechens have a proverb: ‘No matter how honored and long-awaited the guest is, if he leaves on time, it’s even more pleasant,’” Kadyrov said.

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“Therefore, I think my time has also come, before I am kicked out.”

He added that he had already “started thinking about it” and would “try to leave on time.”

“I noticed that I’ve been sitting in my position for a long time,” Kadyrov said.

“I believe that I fully deserve an indefinite and long vacation. I hope you will support me and understand.”

Kadyrov has supported Russia’s war on Ukraine, declaring on July 18 that he was going to, “easily” seize not only Kyiv, but also “NATO countries.”

He sent troops to Ukraine, but they were mainly seen in staged videos simulating battle, earning them the derisive nickname of “TikTok troops.”

It was reported in late July that Kadyrov’s regime was trying to recruit a new batch of cannon fodder for the war in Ukraine, including unemployed residents of Chechnya.

Ukraine’s SBU security service in August charged Kadyrov with involvement in war crimes in Ukraine.

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