EU puts forward ammo supply plan for Ukraine

1 March, 10:11 PM
Ukrainian military personnel (Photo:General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine / Facebook)

Ukrainian military personnel (Photo:General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine / Facebook)

The European Commission has prepared a plan to increase the supply of ammunition to Ukraine, and also replenish the reserves of the European Union, German newspaper Spiegel reported on March 1.

The first step of the three-step-plan involves an immediate increase of the ammunition supply, including 155mm artillery shells, to Ukraine. The EU intends to allocate EUR 1 billion ($1.07 billion) for it.

The second step involves the joint purchase of 155mm ammunition by the European Defense Agency in order to refill the stocks of EU countries and ensure supplies to Ukraine in the long term.

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The third step is meant to ensure a long-term increase in European capacity of ammunition production.

Emergency assistance under the first step will be provided following the already established plan: the EU countries supply Ukraine with ammunition, and receive money from the European Peace Fund.

The second step of the plan contains a clear message: the time when peace in Europe was guaranteed is over. The situation has changed dramatically with the Russian attack, and the EU countries should take this into account by purchasing more ammunition in the long term. This has to happen with the help of EDA. EU member states and Ukraine need to bring their needs together to "place bulk orders and give the industry a clear signal of demand". According to the European Commission, only if the industry is confident that such demand exists, it will be ready to increase its production capacity in the long term.

The commission also hopes that the joint order will result in significantly lower prices than before. 25 out of 27 EU countries, and Norway, have already expressed their interest in participating in the project, which will last seven years.

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