Explosions rock Simferopol in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea

21 December 2022, 06:20 PM
Simferopol (Photo:gelio.livejournal.com)

Simferopol (Photo:gelio.livejournal.com)

Explosions rocked the city of Simferopol in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea on Dec. 21, the ChP(emergency situation)/Simferopol Telegram messenger reported.

Locals claim to have heard at least two powerful blasts.

“What kind of bangs (explosions) in Simferopol?” the report says.

“The windows are shaking in Maryino. Two bangs in a row just now. Who heard them?”

Local residents believe that the reason for the explosions was the training of Russian servicemen on the peninsula.

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However, the local authorities have not yet commented on the incident.

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