Fighting and recon continues in southern Ukraine, reports UK intelligence

8 February, 11:58 AM
Kinburn Spit (

Kinburn Spit (

Fighting and reconnaissance activities are continuing in southern Ukraine, especially along the Kinburn Spit, the UK’s Ministry of Defense reported in their Twitter update on Feb. 8. 

This is despite the withdrawal of Russian troops from the western bank of the Dnipro River in November 2022, into the complex network of islands and waterways that form the river's delta.

Russian forces have reportedly used small boats to maintain a presence on key islands in the delta.

At the same time, Ukraine has successfully used long-range artillery on several occasions to neutralize Russian outposts.

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Both sides are also likely to have deployed small groups on the Kinburn Spit, the ministry added.

Both Ukraine and Russia are seeking to maintain their presence in these areas to control sea access to the strategically important river and to warn of any attempts by their adversaries to launch a large-scale attack across the river, UK intelligence believes, and added that it is unlikely that Russia will try to force a crossing through the Dnipro River, as it would be very difficult and expensive.

Earlier, the Ukrainian military’s Operational Command South reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are striking enemy positions on the Kinburn Spit on a daily basis.

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