Intercepted Russian conversations suggest use of banned munitions

15 May, 03:03 PM
Use of phosphorous shells (illustrative photo) (

Use of phosphorous shells (illustrative photo) (

Invading Russian troops in Ukraine are using white phosphorus and cluster munitions, as evidenced by intercepted conversations published by Ukraine’s SBU security service on May 15.

Russia's war against Ukraine - the main events of May 15

These armaments are banned by various international treaties as inhumane and particularly cruel.

“Yeah, everyone’s waiting for Volodia (Putin) gets tired of this s**t, withdraw troops (from Ukraine), and starts throwing Topols (Russian ICBM Topol-M, NATO designation – SS-27 Sickle B),” a Russian serviceman can be heard telling a friend in one of the SBU’s intercepts.

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“Everything else that was banned by international conventions – cluster (bombs), (white) phosphorus – we’ve been greenlit to use it all, (we’re) lobbing it all there.”

According to the SBU, evidence of Russian forces using banned munitions in the Joint Forces Operation area in the Donbas has been seen since 2014. Since Moscow’s February invasion of Ukraine, the use of such banned weapons has spread along the entire front line.

On May 14, Russia used white phosphorus bombs against the Ukrainian redoubt at Azovstal in Mariupol, according to the city authorities.

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