Kyiv to remove some roadblocks, put others in ‘sleep’ mode

14 March, 06:55 PM
Part of the roadblocks will be removed in Kyiv (Photo:General Staff)

Part of the roadblocks will be removed in Kyiv (Photo:General Staff)

Some of Kyiv’s roadblocks, a signature sign of war in the city for the last year, which were set up to slow the advance of Russia’s assault on the capital, will be removed, with others being put into “sleep” mode, the Kyiv City Military Administration (KMDA) said on Telegram on March 14. 

“For a year of full-scale war, the direct threat of hostilities in Kyiv was reduced to a minimum,” said KDMA head Serhiy Popko.

“Therefore, after a detailed analysis of the existing system of engineering barriers, and after calculating all potential threats and dangers, the KMDA, together with the command of Kyiv Defense Forces and Means Group, worked out a joint solution regarding the improvement of the system of engineering barriers in the capital,” he added.

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In practice, this means that:

  • some checkpoints and engineering structures will remain functional;
  • some will go into “sleep” mode;
  • some will be completely dismantled.

The checkpoints that must remain for security will be transformed. Unusable concrete blocks, sandbags, and anti-tank hedgehogs will be replaced with new components, while dugouts and trenches will be strengthened.

Checkpoints that will move into “sleep” mode will be removed from the roadways, but the checkpoint components will remain nearby. In the event of another threat to the capital, the barriers can quickly be returned to combat mode. These “sleeping” checkpoints will be audited, with necessary components being restored or replaced.

Kyiv’s remaining checkpoints will be dismantled, with trenches and dugouts being backfilled.

“Implementation of such a systemic solution will make Kyiv more comfortable for residents,” said Popko. “Thus, we will decongest the capital’s roads, which will allow Kyivites to move around the city more freely.”

Earlier, Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko said in January that Kyiv authorities were ready to announce the evacuation of residents due to massive strikes by the Russian Federation.

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