Loyal dog waits for his owner for a month

12 April, 04:56 PM
Makariv Hatiko is Rini's dog (Photo:Pravda Gerashchenko/Telegram)

Makariv Hatiko is Rini's dog (Photo:Pravda Gerashchenko/Telegram)

In the town of Makariv near Kyiv, an Akita dog named Rini has been waiting for his owner – killed by Russian troops – for a month, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister, Anton Heraschneko, said in a post on Telegram messenger on April 10.

Volunteers made several attempts to take Rini to a shelter, to no avail. The dog is only willing to accept food and water brought to him. Volunteers are now looking for a new family for Rini that would take him in and rehabilitate the dog.

Rini’s owner, Tetyana Zadorozhnyak, had lived in Makariv with her husband since 2012. Her husband died some time ago from COVID-19. On March 15, Russian invaders – Chevhen troops under the command of Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov, specifically – brutally killed Tetyana. One of them took her to a house next door, raped her, and then slit her throat. It’s unclear for how many days the victim was tortured. None of the locals could come to her rescue, since everyone was either confined to their homes or tied up and kept in basements. Later reports suggest Tetyana’s rapist was then killed by a Russian soldier. She was buried near the house, Heraschenko said.

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